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Joseph "Joe" Marver was the founder and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spirit Halloween.

Early Life[]

Not much is public about Marver's personal life, but it is known that he was born in the United States.


Not much is public about Marver's education but it is known he studied at the University of Minnesota.


  • Early Career
    • TBA
  • Spirit Women's Discount Apparrel
    • TBA
  • Spirit Halloween
    • Spirit Halloween was founded as “Spirit Party & Costume Co.” by Marver in 1983 after seeing a Halloween costume shop pop up nearby his women's clothing store "Spirit Women's Discount Apparrel". Marver decided to compete with the Halloween store and open up his own, thus "Spirit Halloween" was born. Spirit Halloween continued to grow each year when in 1999 Spencer Gifts took notice and purchased the company forming "Spencer Spirit Holdings Inc.". In June of 2003, Marver passed the torch of CEO to Steven Silverstein but remained with the company as a board member until (TBD).
  • Twisp River Suites
    • Currently, Joseph Marver is the owner of a hotel located in Twisp, Washington called Twisp River Suites.

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