The Lifesize Hanging Ghoul was a prop sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2009 halloween season. It resembled a dead greeter holding a lantern that would illuminate. The greeter wears a light brown jacket, a white t-shirt, and long blue pants.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"Hang five full feet of fearsome fun with this Lifesize Hanging Ghoul decoration and greet guests cemetery-style! The posable ghoul bears an illuminated lantern to cast a shadowy light upon the path ahead - are you brave enough, or foolish enough to proceed? Hang him indoors or out to stand sentry over your Halloween festivities."

  • The posable lifesize Hanging Ghoul decoration holds a realistic lantern and can be used indoors or out.
  • Batteries included.
  • Item Dimensions 60" Tall 
  • 3 lbs.




Official Listing

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