Miss Mercy is an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2020 Halloween season. It resembles a nurse-like figure in 1950's-style nurse garb. When activated, it turns from side to side as her head spins 360 degrees while cackling and bone cracking sounds can be heard. Additionally, the bandage wrapped around her eyes can be removed to show her closed eyes.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"It was simple enough when it started. She wanted to help her suffering, sick and dying patients ease their way into the great beyond until the twisted power of life over death took hold and drove her mad. Now Miss Mercy roams the halls of hospitals across the country, stealing the life of anyone unfortunate enough to come under her care. Look out because if you see her eyes, it's too late you're already dead!"

"Miss Mercy will always be watching over you with her turning head motion and moving body."

  • Includes:
    • Animatronic
    • Instruction manual
    • Volume control
    • External speaker jack
    • Adapter
    • Screws
  • Animated
  • IR sensor activated
  • Step pad compatible
  • Multi-prop remote activator compatible
  • Try-me button comtaptible
  • Apater Type: 6v2A (included)
  • Cord Length: 9.8 feet
  • Dimensions: 63" H x 22.5" W x 21" D
  • Material: 11.2 pounds
  • Material: Metal, fabric, plastic, polyurethane, electronics
  • Care: Spot clean
  • Imported
  • Note: Recommended for use in covered areas


  • The codename for this animatronic is "BLACKBERRY."
  • The ANIM number for this animatronic is ANIM 256.
  • An image of the box of this animatronic was leaked publicly prior to its release.
  • This animatronic will be used as a replacement in the Reaper's Island Village theme for display animatronics that have yet to be delivered or set-up in the store.



Official Listing

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