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The Reaper's Island Village, related to Reaper's Island Cave, was one of the two themes created by Spirit Halloween for the 2020 Halloween season. It resembled an island with multiple shacks and platforms, fronted by a large stone archway containing a burlap banner reading "Reaper's Island."




  • Two Foot Pad Activators were placed on top of each other in-front of the jumping spiders so that both would activate simultaneously, similar to the 2014 Jumping Spider Display and Area 31.
  • The ISE manual showed this display set-up in a 2018 store layout. It's unknown where this store is located but it's assumed to be located in New Jersey.
  • Depending on city regulations, stores weren't able to use the straw roofs due to being a fire hazard.
  • The Silk Flame Machine's featured in the ISE were produced by a company known as XINGCHEN.
  • The Silk Flame Machines can now be purchased wholesale on Alibaba.



Official Theme Video

  • Reaper's_Island_Village_-_Spirit_Halloween-0

    Reaper's Island Village - Spirit Halloween-0

Original Theme Video (with incorrect audio)

  • Reaper's_Island_Village_-_Spirit_Halloween

    Reaper's Island Village - Spirit Halloween

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