General Rules

  1. Do not vandalize.
  2. Do not add articles to categories that do not already exist. If you feel a new category is absolutely necessary, contact an admin and request to create the category.
  3. Rarity info is not allowed. Due to conflicts with greedy eBay sellers using the Gemmy and Spirit Halloween wikis to overprice items due to rarity info and categories being added in the past, we do not allow any rarity info whatsoever to be added on this wiki.
  4. Videos should be directly from Spirit Halloween's YouTube channel. In the rare circumstance Spirit has not uploaded an official video for the animatronic, such as in the case of the Mad Scientist, a video of the animatronic from CreativeCatDalek's YouTube channel featuring the animatronic's movements should be added. If no such video exists, request permission to add a video from another YouTube channel that has a video featuring the animatronic.

Leak Policy

We won't be the first to leak, but we will surely be the second...

Leaks are one of the most controversial aspects of the Spirit Halloween fandom. Due to this controversy, it is important that a leak policy be put in place, as leaks naturally are a part of this wiki. We will not post or tolerate the posting of images or information that has not been released via another source, wether it a haunter on Instagram, the Halloween Forum, or any other location. Once a leak has been publicly leaked by a person or source, we will document it here.

  • Example:
    • During the 2020 sneak peek season, the price and stock photos for the animatronic Mommy's Favorite were found by wiki employees multiple days before its release. This information was not posted, however, until after it was leaked by another haunter on Instagram. This is the typical format for the release of new animatronics.


Are costumes documented on the wiki?

  • We generally discourage the creation of costume, mask, and costume accessory articles, due to the sheer amount that have been produced over Spirit's almost four decades in operation. Millions of costumes and masks, and costume accessories have been sold by Spirit, which would make it almost impossible to create an accurate database. Our main focus here is on props, animatronics and decorations. Do not create any articles for costumes, accessories, or masks without an admin‘s permission beforehand.

How can I find information on a prop that was discontinued; its listing being taken off of Spirit's site?

  • Aside from Spirit's YouTube channel, usually if you search the correct name of the discontinued prop, one of the first links that will appear will be the listing itself. It will say "Sold Out," where the price should be, but everything else is still intact. After you leave the listing, the price of the discontinued item will be under the item in your recently viewed list.
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