Spirit Halloween Wikia

General Rules

  1. Do not vandalize. This will result in an immediate ban.
  2. Do not create new categories without permission. If you feel a new category is absolutely necessary, contact an admin and request to create the category.
  3. Proof is needed. Do not create an article unless you have actual proof that Spirit Halloween sold the item. Please provide proper information that Spirit Halloween sold the item such as packaging, website listings, in store photos, videos, etc. Do not add any Seasonal Visions or Distortions Unlimited Items to the wiki without proof Spirit has sold them. This includes any props showcased by Morris Costumes, Halloween and Party Expo, or Palmer Agencies.
  4. Costumes, Masks, and Costume Accessory articles are not allowed. Please see our FAQs for the full explanation. Violation of this rule may result in a ban.
  5. Do not modify Spirit Halloween‘s Description of items. Errors are always present in Spirit Halloween’s Description of items. That does not mean you need to correct them as we prefer to keep them original as possible. Multiple offenses may result in a ban.
  6. Rarity info is not allowed. Due to conflicts with eBay and other secondhand sellers using the Gemmy Industries and Spirit Halloween wikis to overprice items due to rarity info and categories being added in the past, we do not allow any rarity info whatsoever to be added on this wiki.
  7. No fanmade articles. As a wiki for informational use we do not allow “fan made” articles or anything regarding the upcoming season until Spirit/Spencer’s holdings officially releases the new items.
  8. Videos should be directly from Spirit Halloween's YouTube channel. In the rare circumstance Spirit has not uploaded an official video for the animatronic, please add a video of the item from another official retailer source. If no such video exists, request permission to add a video from another YouTube channel that has a video featuring the animatronic.

Leak Policy

  • Out of respect for the Spirit company and in an attempt to keep this database as just that, a database, we will NOT be covering any leaks this year or in the future anywhere on this website. All information will be uploaded and updated only when Spirit itself places it on its website, social media platforms, or anywhere else publicly. Any leaks or asking for leaks (whether it be images, pages, or discussion) found on the Wiki will result in an immediate ban of the user responsible.


Are costumes and masks documented on the wiki?

  • No. We generally discourage the creation of costume, mask, and costume accessory articles, due to the sheer amount that have been produced over Spirit's almost four decades in operation. Millions of costumes and masks, and costume accessories have been sold by Spirit, which would make it almost impossible to create an accurate database. Our main focus here is on props, animatronics and decorations. Do not create any articles for costumes, accessories, or masks without an admin‘s permission beforehand.

How can I find information on a prop that was discontinued; its listing being taken off of Spirit's site?

  • Aside from Spirit's YouTube channel, the best way to find older listings and other information is through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine by visiting Spirit Halloween’s website. Here you will find listings for Spirit’s products dating all the way back to 2001.

The stock photo for the item I’m trying to add is no longer available on the Wayback. How do I find it?

  • Stock photos can be found by entering the product’s item number (Only 2005 and later will work) in Scene7 and changing the “a” to b, c, and d next to the dash if the listing has any alternate photos. Please make sure to crop the photo to its proper size after saving it before you add it to an infobox or gallery.
    • The Scene7 link can be found HERE. Simply replace the item number with the one from the product you want to find and it should appear.