Not to be confused with the 2020 animatronic Uncle Charlie (2020).

Uncle Charlie (2010) was an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2010 Halloween season. It resembled an old clown wearing an orange hat, yellow plaid shirt, and holding a bucket reading, "Free Candy." The head continuously turned. When activated, the eyes lit up and one of several phrases could be heard.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"Mother always warned you to stay away from creepy Uncle Charlie...even if he is a real clown. Mom also said don't take candy from strangers - when did you ever listen to her? You'll wish you listened when you meet Uncle Charlie. He offers candy and entices you to come a bit closer as he moves his head, flashes his eyes and mutters various creepy carnival phrases all designed to entice you to play his special games. Game Halloween with this evil, nasty and altogether diabolical lifesize Uncle Charlie light-up animated prop."

  • Uncle Charlie moves his head, flashes his eyes and speaks numerous creepy carnival phrases!
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included)
  • 6'" H x 40" W x 21" D
  • Includes hat, head, clothes, wig, candy bucket and lollipop
  • Made of PVC, PP, Polyester, and Propylene
  • Indoor use
  • 78" power cord/plug also included
  • Adapter:  Input 120X-60Hz Output 6VDC 800mA
  • Optional try me button sold separately


  • The animatronic must have batteries for the eyes and audio, as well as be plugged in for the head movement, for every feature to function properly.
  • In the Cirque Du Spirit display, there is one banner specifically advertising Uncle Charlie.
  • The animatronic has the same movement as Grinning Gertrude.
  • His hair is attached to the inside of his hat, so both can be taken off which will make Uncle Charlie bald.
  • The animatronic was redesigned and reproduced in 2020.
  • This item was criticized for having a faulty body frame and losing the battery pack easily.



Lifesize Uncle Charlie Light-Up Prop (EXCLUSIVE)

Lifesize Uncle Charlie Light-Up Prop (EXCLUSIVE)

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