aka Bran/AnimatronicGuy1

  • I live in Earth, more specifically, NJ
  • My occupation is Animatronic Collector, Blow Mold Collector, Wildlife Enthusiast, Loser, Other
  • I am A very strange human male
I like Halloween, and I consider myself a 'serious decorator' for the holiday (far from professional though). More of an exterior, lawn and garden type decorator, I have been constructing large displays on the front lawn of my home for the various major holidays for over 9 years. My largest setups are at halloween; though I also decorate for Christmas, easter, Independence Day and the other big ones as aforementioned. 

I have been collecting halloween decorations since I was but a young child, but only really began collecting Animatronics in 2017. Subsequently, 2017 was my first time ever visiting a Spirit Halloween store, however I followed the retailer online since 2016. My collection is rather small compared to other collectors, mainly because of a tight budget, but altogether I have amassed over 100 animated tabletop decorations for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, the Fourth of July and non-seasonal items. Because of this tight budget, and little room in my house to display much, I currently own no lifesize decorations, however I do have a few three foot tall figures. 

My outdoor decoration collection is uncounted. If i had to estimate, I must have at least 150+ outdoor decorations for halloween alone, though I only put about half that number out physically, most of the items are backups in case the originals get damaged. I am a collector of blow molded decorations for the holidays, and I prefer these to inflatables, though I have a considerable collection of both. 

My outdoor halloween display is considerably large despite my rather small front yard. It wraps around my house, and while the main setting is a graveyard, certain parts are divided into small sections comprised of several of the same type of props, for example a skeleton section, a witch section, a pumpkin patch etc. It is mostly comprised of light up ground breakers, blow molds and inflatables; I occasionally set out animatronics, however I am notoriously paranoid about them getting damaged or stolen if left outside, so I often randomly place them out and when I do, they are secured to the best of my ability. During light rain, they are covered with plastic and in heavy storms they are taken inside entirely. Honestly, I am extremely protective of all my outdoor decorations and I have all of them secured very well due to theft and vandalism being a common threat in my area of northern New Jersey. Setup of my display, including prop securing and electrical configuration, usually takes a couple days to assemble, and a few weeks to perfect, as I usually move things around and adjust their positions on the yard over the season. 

My Spirit Halloween location is supposed to open on August the 15 but I doubt that will actually happen. It was supposed to open on the 15 or 16 last year but never opened until about early September... I really hope they open as planned this year..

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