The Wheelchair Psycho was an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2013 Halloween season. It resembled a zombified patient sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a blue gown with several casts. When activated, the body rocked back and forth, as the mouth moved to grunting and laughing.

Spirit Halloween's Description

"You'll be rolling on the floor dying when you meet this Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration. This crazy prop features light-up eyes, wheelchair movement, a lunging body, and creepy laughter. Try not to get too close!"

  • Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration includes:
    • Wheelchair
    • Creature
    • Knife
    • Adapter
  • AA Batteries not included
  • Materials:
    • Fabric
    • Vinyl
    • Plastic
    • Foam
  • Special Features:
    • Light-up eyes
    • Movement
    • Sound
  • Measurements:
    • Height - 52"
    • Length - 35"
    • Width - 24"
    • Weight - 6 lbs
  • For Indoor Use


  • This animatronic can be rolled across a flat surface via the four functional wheels at the bottom of the faux wheelchair.



Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration

Wheelchair Psycho Animated Decoration

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